November 16, 2012

In Love with Being in Love

You know that yummy feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you are in love? You know how world looks brighter, the birds sing louder and your heart is happier? Being in love has got to be one of the most amazing things that can ever happen. It's a drug, it gives your body high, setting off all kinds of endorphins that make you feel invincible. Love is so amazing that a lot of times it can be an addiction. When that happens you fall in love with the feeling of being love. And while the feelings of love aren't bad, to be in love with them, rather than actually in love with the person, is a messed-up kind of love. And it can do all kinds of things to your heart and mind. 

When you're in love with being in love, you do stupid things. You settle for stupid love rather than real, genuine and true love. See, true love doesn't always feel good. It sometimes requires you to give up things you want and to do things you don't want. It's sacrificial. When you're in love with love, you miss out on the true purpose of love, and you become all about feelings and less about action. 

If you notice that you have a guy in your life in order to feel happy, then you might just be in love with being in love. Feeling love should never be your goal, but giving love should be :) 

If you are in love in being in love, then it's time to get your life straightened out. Consider these facts about love and look at the love you crave to see how it compares: 
- Love doesn't get mad when it doesn't get what it wants
- Love isn't jealous 
- Love isn't happy when other people grovel 
- Love doesn't require good feelings
- Love keeps no record of wrong 
- Love isn't 'all about me'
- Love is selfless
- Love doesn't make demands.