August 01, 2013

Be a Do-It-Yourself Person

Hey there!

I purposely write on this blog to share what I've been through yesterday, ha! so.. yesterday was a new season launch for the brand I'm working with now. It's very crucial, where we receive lots of new arrival (in huge qty as well). Night before, me and my team had a meeting for manpower planning, coordination, etc.. everything and everyone seems okay. Until the day, 3 staffs non-show without any info. sigh. I'm very disappointed because those people are people I can rely on. So, it's just me with few staffs training. I think it won't finished perfectly, I think there'll be a huge mess. I rotate the coordination 3 SECTIONS all by myself while controlling the operational. But.. It's done. Sometimes I'm wondering what God has made me from, He really equips me.

Do you still remember when God told Moses to tell Pharaoh, "let my people go."? Moses said, "God, I can't do that. I'm stutter. I'm not a good speaker. Please send someone else." but I love what happened. Just when Moses stood before Pharaoh, something rose up inside him. Moses put his shoulder back and held his head high and said: "Thus says the Lord God of Israel: Let My people go." (Exodus 5:1).

The things I've learned that you don't need someone to do something for you. You don't need anyone to tell you what to do. YOU'RE EQUIPPED. God wouldn't have presented you with opportunities if He had not already given you every thing you need.

Don't let anyone play upon your supposed 'weaknesses'. Yes, there may be times you need help, and that's fine. But don't let someone do for you what you can do for yourself. Don't become too dependent on others.

God would never have told Moses to go to speak in front of Pharaoh unless He knew Moses could do it. You may have limitations, but you don't need a crutch. You have been equipped with everything you need to fulfil your destiny.

Have a great Thursday! :)