December 29, 2009

homey Christmas =)

hii guys ! happy belated Christmas x) it's been such a long time no blog'ing.. I celebrate last Christmas together with Jovan's (my cousin, 4 y.o) birthday ;)

and here's the birthday boy with grandpa, *FYI, he's most beloved grandchildren =p

yeeaa.. happy birthday

My beloved Jesus and Jovan ! ;)

I heart you both..

December 07, 2009

Christmas Celebration'09

December, 05th - 2009 was insanely awesome ! I celebrated Christmas with more than 200.000 ppl at Gelora Bung Karno.. it really can't say by words ! I'm so grateful.. above all, thanks Jesus for born in this world.. You gave up your everything, so that we can have everything, You died so we could live forever.. You're really the main reason and so worthy of my continual thanks and praise =') yeaa.. You're light of the world !